Mission: “To empower the youth of the present with the technology of the future by improving tech literacy, teaching applicable engineering skills, and practicing collaboration in an intense environment.”

History: Our team was founded as The Patribots in 2004 at George Washington High School. In our first year, we won the Rookie Inspiration Award at the FRC Denver Regional, and have competed at that regional every year since then. Between the years of 2005 and 2011, our team saw a few sprinkles of success here and there: making it to the quarterfinals in 2005 and 2011 and making the finals in 2007, placing second in the Colorado Regional when our robot came in for the last round of the finals. 2012 saw some progression when our team made a new image for itself: THE KRAKEN. That same year we won the Imagery Award at the Colorado Regional. In 2013, our team had its strongest year both on and off the field. First of all, we went to both the Utah and the Colorado regional which marked the first time our team had ever gone to two regional competitions. In Utah, our team won the Imagery Award, once again working on keeping our Kraken image. During the regional, we participated in the quarterfinals match, but didn’t progress farther than that. Leaving Utah, we had high hopes for the Colorado Regional which was just around the corner. The 2013 Colorado Regional is what distinguished us from the crowd. During the regional we were seeded 5th with a record of 8-3. Along with team 2996 and 662, we advanced all the way to the finals. Due to new FIRST regulations, because we had two wild card teams at our regional, we automatically qualified for Championships; however we weren’t done there. Unfortunately, we lost in the finals rounds only by a small margin, but we still knew that we were the first robotics team out of the city of Denver to qualify for Championships. On top of all of this, our team managed to win the Entrepreneurship Award due to our outstanding business plan. Below are images and videos (w/ descriptions).

(Recap of 2013 Season)

Future: Now understanding what it takes to be a FIRST team, the new 1410 and the Kraken are ready to become a larger team and a more active part of the community. In order to achieve this, we are going to advocate for STEM involvement in all portions of our school and our community. We are also planning on establishing formal relationships with clubs such as the school’s Greenhouse Club, National Honor Society, Pun Club, and Pep Club which will allow us to improve the school and increase publicity. As of now our team sponsors 7 FLL teams and we are planning to stretch that number all the way to 20 by the end of 2014. We are also planning to help start some FRC programs in the Denver Metro Area, starting with Smoky Hill High School and/or Cherokee Trail High School. Furthermore, we hope to participate in many more FIRST sponsored events as well as many other STEM related activities and volunteering opportunities. Our goal this year is to represent the perfect FRC Team.

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