About Us

Mission: “To empower the youth of the present with the technology of the future by improving tech literacy, teaching applicable engineering skills, and practicing collaboration in an intense environment.”



  • Founded as The Patriotbots in 2004 at George Washington High School
  • In our first year, we won the Rookie Inspiration Award at the FRC Denver Regional, and have competed at that regional every year since then.

2005 to 2011

  • Between the years of 2005 and 2011, our team saw a few sprinkles of success here and there: making it to the quarterfinals in 2005 and 2011 and making the finals in 2007, placing second in the Colorado Regional when our robot came in for the last round of the finals.


  • Re-branding of our team to “THE KRAKEN”.  That same year we won the Imagery Award at the Colorado Regional.


  • First year our team competed in two regional competitions, both the Utah and the Colorado events.
  • In Utah our team won the Imagery Award, once again promoting our Kraken image.
  • Participated in the quarterfinals match at Utah.
  • At the Colorado Regional we were seeded 5th with a record of 8-3.
  • Along with Team 2996 and 662, we advanced all the way to Finals, but lost by a small margin.
  • Qualified and attended the St. Louis Championships as a Wild Card.
  • Won the Entrepreneurship Award due to our outstanding business plan.

(Recap of 2013 Season)


  • Maintained our growth and attended two Regional Competitions again in Utah and Colorado.
  • In Utah we ranked 10th with a record of 9-6-0
  • In Colorado we ranked 5th with a record of 13-5-0
  • We won the award of Regional Finalist in Colorado


  • We competed at the Regional Competitions in both Utah and Colorado
  • Team 1410 was ranked 19th at the Utah Regional and 11th at the Colorado Regional.
  • Our robot was named “The Stack’n Kraken” as our challenge was a recycling themed game centered around stacking recycling totes.
  • We received the “Spirit Award” in Colorado for our team’s unrelenting Kraken style.


  • This year we decided to compete in Flagstaff, AZ instead of the Utah Regional where we ranked 21st with a record of 8-7-0.
  • Between competitions, we worked very diligently and quickly refined our climber mechanism.  This lead to a much better performance at the Colorado Regional where we ranked 9th with a record of 10-7-0.
  • We left the Colorado Regional with two awards: “The Entrepreneurship Award” and the “Industrial Safety Award”.
  • Our robot was named the “Attackin’ Kraken” and was one of a small group of robots, at our regional competitions, that could climb in the last seconds of each round of this Renaissance themed game called “Stronghold”.


  • We competed in “Steamworks” a steampunk themed game and won the Entrepreneurship Award for the second time at the St. Louis Regional Competition.  We ranked 20th with a record of 5-7-0 due to many technical malfunctions.
  • By the time we got to the Colorado regional, we had fixed many of our technical difficulties but still ended up ranking 34th with a record of 5-8-0.
  • Awarded the Entrepreneurship Award for the third time in Colorado!!
  • We were invited to attend the Houston Championships from the wait list and really upped our game.  We completely redesigned our mechanism for picking up gears off the floor.  After qualifying for the semi-finals in our Division (Hopper), we competed with three other awesome teams, including the Hall of Fame winner “Thunder Down Under” and ranked 27th in our Division.


  • We are excitedly looking forward to competing in this year’s game called “Power Up”.  This challenge is 80’s Video Game themed, and we are working many late nights and weekends to design the best robot to meet this challenge.

Future: After 14 years, we truly appreciate what it takes to be a FIRST team.  Our future team goals center around the themes of:

  • Sustainability of our team
  • Advocating for STEM involvement in all portions of our school and our community.
  • Sponsoring and helping FLL Junior and other FRC Teams.
  • Continuing our outreach at community events.

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