On this page you will find information about sponsorship, and sponsoring out team. Below is a letter from our marketing captain, and under that, there is both official sponsorship information, and the informational packet the team has prepared. Thanks for checking us out!


My name is David Chan, and I am the captain of the 2012-2013 George Washington High School Robotics Team. For many years, the team has been able to function using a limited amount of financial funds, as well as a single grant from Denver Public Schools, to continue  the work that we do as a team. The team in the past few years, however, has grown substantially, and the need for funding has grown as well. As a team, we are no longer interested in competing only at the regional level of competition, but at the national level of competition as well as regional competitions around the state. We would also like to invest more heavily in the outreach programs that we are working on, the JV robotics program for high school freshmen and sophomores as well as our FLL mentoring program designed to benefit elementary and middle school students. 

Unfortunately, we do not have the financial means to further these goals. As a team, we have, in the past, raised just a little over $12,000 dollars yearly. To achieve what we wish, we believe that we need just under $20,000 in funds. This is how, as a corporation or organization, you can help. By donating to the team (a 501(c) organization) you are not only able to help us achieve our goals, but you may even be able to help your company as well. We provide sponsorship opportunities for any donation level, and in return, you can end up with your organization’s logo on our robot, or even your organizations name as part of the official team name. What kind of exposure is this? It’s a chance to market to thousands of students and mentors around the country through over 100 different events in almost all 50 states. It’s a chance, not only to help our team grow, but to expand your organization’s horizons.

When supporting our team, you are not just supporting a bunch of random high school students, you are supporting our school’s community as well as fostering a love of science and education in the minds of America’s young students. You will become one of many sponsors of FIRST such as NASA, the Chrysler Foundation, Delphi, Motorola, Xerox and others. Help us, and by helping the community, help your company to new heights in your corporate world.

Many thanks,

David Chan
Captain FIRST Team 1410

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