Q: If my opponent has finished the build season and I’m in the last turn of the build season and I play a bad event card on him or her, does it do the build season effect or the competition effect?

A: It does the competition effect. As soon as a player ends their turn and is out of turn cards for the build season, they are in the competition phase of the game.


Q: How do I pick randomly for Malfunction?

A: One easy way is to flip the mechanism cards upside down, shuffle them around, and have an opponent pick a card. You can also come up with your own methods.


Q: How many times can I use a shooter in one turn?

A: As many times as you have actions for.


Q: What happens if the deck runs out of cards?

A: You can’t draw cards from the deck anymore.


Q: Can I use Coopertition to put one part into play and one part into my hand?

A: Yes.


Q: Does the bonus 20 points for the full court shooter replace the set up bonus?

A: No, you get both. For example, if you set up with a tank drive, you would get 30 + 20 (disc streaming) + 5 (set up) = 55 points scored total.


Q: If the drivetrain is disabled, can I still shoot and score points? Does the set up bonus still apply?

A: Yes and yes. If the drive train is disabled, the only thing you can’t do is set up for the next turn. The exception is the swerve drive: if it is disabled, you aren’t set up because the buff is permanent.


Q: If my opponent played a Proactive Incompetance on me, does playing a good event card on myself still cost an action point?

A: Yes.


Q: If I don’t use an action point in one turn, can I use it to have an extra action next turn?

A: No. If you want an extra action in a turn, trade in a part card for an action.


Q: If I have a mechanism disabled by Malfunction and an opponent plays another Malfunction on me, can the same mechanism be disabled twice?

A: No. You choose from your remaining functioning mechanisms which is disabled.


Q: If my opponent places a Missing Parts on me in the competition when I have less than two cards in my hand, what happens?

A: You discard your whole hand.