“It’s NOT a Water Game” is a quick to play (15 to 20 minutes), two player card game about the FIRST Robotics Competition. In this competition, high school students from around the world design, build, program, and test robots, all in a six week build season. After the build season, teams compete at a regional level to try qualify for, and win, the world championships. In “It�����s NOT a Water Game,” you play as a team throughout the build season and competition to try to outscore your opponents.

But where does the name of the game come from? Every year, a new game is released for the competition and every year, teams hold their breath and hope that this year the game will be a water game. (Trusting millions of dollars worth of technology to high schools students around water? Great idea!) And every year, the FIRST community is disappointed when the game isn’t a water game. In the spirit of tradition, FRC Team 1410 continues to be disappointing by not doing a water game in the first FIRST themed card game, loosely based on the 2013 FRC game, Ultimate Ascent.