The FRC Team 1410 mentored 4-5+ FLL (FIRST Lego League) teams in the 2013 season.

The team ran concessions for and volunteered at an FLL tournament at Metro the fall of 2013. In preparation for the tournament,  the team assembled FLL kits, which doubled as a team-building activity for us. We also organized the event that includes assembling and painting the tables, judging, refereeing, and providing concessions. At the event itself, we spoke about FRC while running our own robot throughout the day.

Within our school community, we have become more integrated, competing in the club dodgeball tournament, and showing the robot and explaining FIRST to our school during the winter pep rally. This fall we had a table at our 9th grade academy, recruiting more than 20 new freshman. Select team members participate as members on the school’s club congress, where they are working with other clubs to raise awareness about FIRST in our school. We are also coordinating with the IB and AP art Departments to help house our expanding team. Through this partnership, we have enlisted multiple art students to help paint our logo on the wall of our new storage room.

This year has brought big changes for our involvement in the school community: We are working with the IB physics teacher to have a code day to spread basic software knowledge throughout our school. We have also started a new program to help our new members understand better the process of designing and building robots by doing Sea Perch, simple underwater and floating robots which collect tennis and ping pong balls. We coordinated with the Swim team at our school, and held an exciting event for the competition, (also enlisting the swim team to retrieve escaping balls and robots). This has helped the team spread awareness of FIRST through firsthand demonstrations of who we are and what we do.