Team Leadership

On this page, you will find some biographies of the students on our team. Hopefully it will help you get to know us!

Lucas Taliaferro is a current senior and has been leading the team as a captain since fall 2018. He is often in charge of both day-to-day operations and big picture planning for the team. On the build side, Lucas had worked on creating elevators since freshman year and is the linear motion specialist. This fall, he is part of the second year FTC team 17153 Squid Squad until the FRC season becomes more concrete. In the future, Lucas wants to get a biomedical or materials engineering degree from a 4-year university and continue on to be an engineer.

Maia Chapin is currently a junior, and the co-captain of FRC 1410. She has been a member of the build team and pit crew since the 2019 season, working on a wide range of projects and mechanisms. She also volunteers at Colorado FLL and FTC tournaments, and currently hosts and participates on FTC team 18678. [if the hosting bit turns out not to be true please delete it, but it probably will] She is not sure what career path she will end up on, but would love to make a contribution to some field within STEM.

Nathan Tamkin is a junior in the IB program. He is the build lead for team 1410 for the 2020-2021 season. He has been on build and electrical team as well as the pit crew since his freshman year. Currently he is also the build lead on the FTC team 18678.

Liam Adler-Pollock is a senior at George Washington high school. He is currently the chief engineer in charge of the three technical leads and the completion of the robot for competition. Before this he worked on various parts of the build team from building the team’s field to leading mechanism build and design. In the future he would like to pursue a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering.

Eli Valore-Caplan is a senior, member of FRC 1410 and co-captain of FTC 17153. He has been a member of 1410 since 2018 and has worked on many aspects of the robot throughout the years.

Quinn Mair is a sophomore this year and the new electrical lead for team 1410. He assisted in building our main electrical board for last year’s robot and is now the build lead of Kraken offshoot FTC team 18677. He manages design and construction of the FTC robot both physically and virtually in 3D models. Quinn also participates in robotics by scouting out other teams at competition, volunteering at FLL events, and helping run the GW-Sponsored FTC competition. He hopes to eventually become an electrical or mechanical engineer and help create the innovations of the future.

Randy Ngo is a current senior and has been the team’s software lead since the fall of 2018. During his time, he has developed new computer vision and autonomous routine algorithms. On the non-technical side, he has written large amounts of documentation about the team’s code and has volunteered for multiple FLL tournaments. This year, Randy is the team captain of FTC Team 18678, an offspring of The Kraken. In the future, Randy hopes to pursue a degree in Computer Science, writing the code that drives the world of tomorrow.

J. Cian Capacci is currently a Junior and the team’s newly appointed Software Architect and Testing Lead, as well as Team Captain of FTC Team 18677, a new offshoot of The Kraken. He works to both document all tests done on the team’s robot, as well as design the way that the team writes code, to make it faster, easier to read, and easier to edit.

Ruomu Zhang is currently a junior at GWHS. He is a member of the programming sub-team, and this year, the programming lead of the FTC team 17153 Squid Squad.

Fyodor Ionikh is a senior on the team. He has been leading the scouting team since the fall of 2019. During his time on the team, he has developed a way to predict the outcome of Elimination matches at competitions, along with creating new data visualizations in Tableau. Next year, Fyodor will be attending Colorado School of Mines where he will study Mechanical Engineering. In the future, he hopes to work for an Aerospace company where he can help develop the future of space travel.

Meredith Rigsby is a senior and joined Team 1410 last fall. While on the business subteam she has worked on the Chairman’s Award essay and presentation as well as the mechanical subteam. In the future, Meredith wants to attend college.

Emma Wind is currently a junior at GW and the recruitment and rentention lead for team 1410. She has been on the team since the 2020 season. She currently works on the build team and was a match and pit scout at the 2020 utah tournament. She works on awards, and presented for the chairman’s award at utah as well. She is also on frc team 18678 and volunteers for FLL and FTC tournaments.

Josh DuPree is currently a sophomore and the new marketing lead. He is working on developing more detailed branding standards, updated documentation of our history, as well as increasing our social media presence. In the future, Josh wants to attend college.