We have always been dedicated to build and maintain a respectable image within our school community. We take every chance that our school offers to show off the work that students are accomplishing with the robot, off-season projects, projects that we work on to help train students to compete, and teach students fundamental skills for building a robot.

Club Associates

  • Club Congress: Club Congress is helping our club raise awareness about FIRST in our school.
  • Student Council: Student Council members offer school events to advertise about the club
  • Pep Club: Pep Club promotes school spirit for the club. Members of pep club will be attending the Colorado Regional to cheer us on.
  • National Honors Society: Robotics members attending events and competitions will count for NHS affiliated hours.

Pep Rallies

  • 2014 Winter Pep Rally: We display the robot and explain what FIRST is.


  • 9th Grade Academy: At the 9th grade academy, we introduced  incoming students to Robotics and had the opportunity to display the robot and its Frisbee shooting capabilities.
  • Clubs Dodgeball Tournament: We made it to the semi-finals found.
  • Destination Imagination: Every year, we run concessions at the Destination Imagination competition held at GW.
  • Culture Fair: We have a booth at the Culture Fair at the beginning of the school year to introduce Freshman to FIRST and demo our robot.
  • Open House for Incoming Freshmen: At the end of the school year, we have a booth at the open house for incoming freshman to introduce them to FIRST and show off the robot.
  • FrightFest: This past year our team ran a game at the school’s FrightFest Halloween event.

Art Department Partnership

  • The art department has been gracious enough to allow us to use their room to house the growing team and use their equipment such  as the computers and supplies for posters. In return, we allow them to use tables in our room, the old woodshop. Both sides make sure to leave the spaces clean after they are finished.
  • We’ve recruited art students to work with the logo and painting it on the wall in our new storage room.

Volunteer Tutoring

  • Hamilton Middle School: Members helped establish program and tutor at a consistent basis.