2021 Infinite Recharge At Home Submissions


Ahoy mateys! Welcome to this year’s game: Pirate Plunder! Two fleets of buccaneers are sailing the seven seas looking for treasure. Alliances must store gold Doubloons on Treasure Island, hire crew mates to keep watch over their treasure, and climb aboard their Masts before the Kraken awakes.


Robots start on their Hideout and may preload up to 2 Doubloons. Additional Doubloons are located in the Ports, Reefs, and Atolls. During the first fifteen seconds of the match, robots autonomously disembark from their Hideout to gather and bury Doubloons for double the points. Alliances work to hire additional crew mates by depositing Doubloons onto the Bidding Table. The fleet with the highest bid has their side of the bidding table light up, indicating their treasure is more secure and worth more.


During the following two minute and fifteen second teleoperated period, alliances continue collecting Doubloons off the seafloor. Doubloons are buried into the low Beaches and high Mountains of Treasure Island, and fleets that bury enough Doubloons will receive one ranking point. Doubloons are recycled through the human player treasure chest on Treasure Island. Ports along the alliance wall load robots with limited supplies of Doubloons. As fleets increase their non-refundable security bids, Doubloons become more scarce throughout the archipelago.


In the final thirty seconds of the match, pirates race to escape the waking Kraken. They park on their hideout, ascend their masts, and raise their Jolly Rogers to escape the beast. The alliance that lights up their flag first receives additional points. Fleets that successfully evade the Kraken receive an extra ranking point. Stash your fortunes, batten down the hatches, and get all hands on deck for this year’s game: Pirate Plunder!